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Passenger accused Spirit airline of failing her when she reported the alleged incident of harassment

Detroit student Tia Jackson, 22, says that a passenger assaulted her during the flight from Atlanta to Detroit on Spirit Airlines. She said that she sat in the middle while her friend was sitting by the window.

Tia said that a man they didn’t know sat on the aisle seat during the flight. During the flight, Jackson said she put in her AirPods and went to sleep. She leaned on her friend with her back to the man in the aisle seat.

Just 18 minutes before landing she felt that a man next to her touch her. At first, she thought that he accidentally bumped her but when he continues to touch her inappropriately. She immediately pushed the call button and shouted on the man stopped touching her.

When the flight attendant arrived she informed her about the incident but the flight attendant didn’t do anything and offered her the other seat. She refused to change her seat because she didn’t want to leave her friend.

She told the flight attendant: “He touched me inappropriately and he needs to be moved.”

The attendant didn’t move any of the passengers but when the plane landed she talked to the pilot but he asked the girl to talk to the gate agent.

Tia said that she felt mistreated and ignored that’s why she filed a complaint with the police at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

According to the spirit airline officials, they said that they offered a seat to the girl but she refused. The cabin crew said: “They wanted to move her, as opposed to him because the move would have left him with an empty seat on one side and an aisle on the other.”

Law enforcement started their investigation and the airlines said that they cooperate in the investigation.

Jackson said: “She talk about this because she is worried about other victims. He is a predator and he displays predatory behavior. Who knows who else he has done this to. I don’t want anyone else to ever have to fall victim to him.

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