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Parents filed suit against a Christian school that expelled girl due to perceived sexuality

A high school in Kentucky expelled a girl due to her perceived personality. The girl’s parents have filed a lawsuit against the school.

Earlier this month, Kentucky Whitefield Academy expelled a 15-year-old girl after some images of the girl wearing a rainbow sweater and smiling next to a rainbow cake surfaced online.

The Kentucky girl parent filed a lawsuit against the Christian school. The lawsuit was filed on Thursday. The lawsuit states that the Louisville’s Whitefield academy expelled the 15-year-old teen who is referred to as K. K (in court documents), due to her perceived sexuality.

The suit contends that “Essentially, the school expelled K. K because they believed that K. K was gay. As such, in Whitefield’s view, it would be difficult to achieve the goal of K. K becoming Christ-like.”

The suit further stated: “In so doing, Whitefield invaded K.K’s privacy, defames K. K, breached its contract with K. K’s parents Mike Kenney and Kimberly Alford, and inflicted serious emotional distress on K.K. “

“Certainly, in 2020 it is unbelievable that conversations like this one are still occurring and that lawsuits like this one are still necessary.”

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