Mother found guilty of murder for leaving her 3-years old daughter to starve to death

21-years old mother, Maria Plenkina, admitted that she murdered her 3-years old daughter after allowing her to starve to death while she was with her friends. She has been jailed for 13 years in a penal code on Friday after she found guilty of murder in Russia.

It was revealed in court that she left her daughter Kristina alone in her apartment with no electricity. She spent a week with her friends while her daughter is dying.

Investigators revealed that she once confessed that she intentionally left her alone in an apartment. She purposely closed the door and shut off the electricity and water.

A report revealed she was ‘having a good time with her friend’ and ‘was on a celebration’.

The girl was found naked having starved to death in a cold room in a dirty flat. She ate yogurt, chicken, and sausages that her mother had left her.

It was described in court that she tried to eat washing powder because she was very hungry before her death.

Judge Roman Bronnikov told the court: “Plenkina understood her crime was of a cruel nature. She shut off the water and there was no electricity in the apartment. The girl was dying slowly.”

Murderer’s mother found the little girl died when she visits her with a third birthday gift. She had supported a demand by the prosecutor for a sentence of at least 13 years in a prison colony.