Mother accused of killing two-year-old son

Sarah O’Brien and her lover Martin Currie were charged with the murder of a two-year-old boy.

Kiegan mother described him as a ‘cheeky monkey’. He was taken to hospital from a property in Doncaster, South Yorkshire where he died a day later.

According to post mortem, he died because of head injuries. The two-year-old is assumed to have been murdered hours after celebrating his second birthday in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Emergency services were called at the residence on Wednesday around 11 am. Ambulance services revealed that little boy was died because of a heart attack.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector James Axe, said: “Specialist officers have updated Keigan’s family and are continuing to support them as they try to come to terms with and digest what has happened over the last 48-hours.”

“I would also like to please reiterate my request for people to be mindful of what they are posting across social media networks.”