Maryam Sanda sentenced to death for killing husband

On Monday, Maryam Sanda was sentenced to death by the High Court of The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. She will be sentenced to death by hanging for the murder of her husband Bilyaminu Billo.

Justice Yusuf stated in a judgment that there were circumstantial evidence and Maryems’ testimony statement with the police in which she told that On November 19, 2017, she fatally stabbed her husband to death.

The prosecution called six witnesses while the defense called two and Maryam was one of them. Bilyaminu Billo is the son of the former national chairman of the people’s democratic party, Haliru Bello.

The judge ordered that Maryam should be imprisoned in Suleja prison till she exhausts her right of appeal.

As her guilt was pronounced, her relatives and mother broke out in tears. Her mother left the courtroom while crying and Maryam followed her but the judge ordered that she should be brought back.

Maryam’s defense lawyer made an attempt to plea for mercy but the judge said he needed to rise for the courtroom to be restored to normalcy.

The judge further said he’ll return to deliver his judgment, and when he returned he said there will be no mercy.

He said that the suspect was convicted was based on section 221 of the penal code.  It has been said that thou shall not kill. Whoever kills in cold blood shall die in cold blood,” the judge said.

“Maryam Sanda should reap what she has sown,” he said, adding, “it is blood for blood