BLACKPINK‘s Jennie trend worldwide on Twitter after the pictures of her dealing with hateful comments make a round on the internet.

Jennie received a lot of love from her fans but we cannot deny this fact that she also received a lot of criticism and hate as well.

Her fans who love her recently starting a trend #JennieDeservesBetter. The trend shows that the people should give more respect to the singer who clearly looks hurt by the hate she’s getting online and in person.

BLACKPINK was in a live stream for Samsung Indonesia where they were reading comments. Jennie was upset when she received lot of hateful comments. Fans also stated that the MC’s were mostly ignoring Jennie during the live stream.

BLINKs came in the support of Jennie and started using the hashtag to support the singer. Some fans said: ” I feel so sad. I’m sure y’all know how it feels even when you receive a little bit of hate. But Jennie had to go through so much hate She had to sit in this event reading it all while Samsung disrespects her.”

Tomorrow is the birthday of Jennie and before that, she received a lot of hateful comments. One fan stated: ” Even with all the hate she gets, I really hope she sees how much we love and care about her overall. Your birthday is tomorrow and I will try to make it the most positive day for you. Don’t apologize, we don’t need or deserve it.”