Is Meghan paving her way back into Hollywood after royal exist?

Meghan Markle along with her husband Prince harry recently decided to exit from the royal family. It seems like following her royal exist Meghan is paving her way back into Hollywood.

Meghan is looking to get back to her former career by signing the Disney deal. On Saturday, it was reported that Meghan signed a deal with Disney in which she agreed to voice-over work for Disney.

Disney in return would make a donation to the charity that works to protect elephants. Meghan supports this nonprofit organization Elephants Without borders. The organization is dedicated to preserving wildlife and natural resources.

No immediate comments on the report were received from The Buckingham Palace spokeswoman, Meanwhile Disney too didn’t respond immediately to a request for comments either.

Meghan and Harry stirred up a new storm after announcing their exit from the royal family. The news of their decision to exit the royal family was announced on their official Instagram handle.