Hyemin becomes first Korean soloist to be nominated in Best international Artist in Spain

Hyemin debuted with her single ‘Still love you’ in 2015. Hyemin is now going to debut as a soloist in Spain. 

She released several singles and made her way to musicals and Tv dramas in South Korea but the singer is now en routing on a different path. 

FATE is her new single that was released on 8th March 2019. She is nominated for fate in the Best International Artist awards in Spain. FATE is the first digital single.

Hyemin will win the award if she passes through the phases that is get votes both from public and professional judges. The jury will choose the winners of each category. 

She is nominated in the Spanish independent music ceremony which is also known as Premios MIN. If she wins the award she will be the first Korean soloist in Spain to receive an award from their music industry.