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Doctor dies from same disease she spent her whole life researching

Melanoma expert Dr. Sharon Hutchison has died of the same type of skin cancer she spent her whole life researching. During her career, she spent most of her time researching the cause of Melanoma.

Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. It happens after the DNA in skin cells is damaged typically due to harmful UV rays and then not repaired. It triggers mutations that can form malignant tumors.

Dr. Sharon Hutchinson, who worked as a postdoctoral melanoma researcher at the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), was diagnosed with an aggressive form of the deadly skin cancer last January. She found a mole on her neck.

Dr. Sharon undergoes two different therapies but she died because cancer spread around her whole body. She has been working for the development of a drug for melanoma.

Dr. Sharon spent her final days with her family and colleagues in hospice. She pledged to continue her work until she died.

Dr. Antonia Pritchard said: ‘” She was very stoic. Sharon faced it with immense strength. She went to her doctor did all the right things but her melanoma was a particularly aggressive form.”

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