Daisy from MOMOLAND alleged that MLD entertainment stopped her from promoting

KBS aired an interview on News9 with daisy from Momoland and her mother on January 7th. In the interview, daisy alleged that The company MLD entertainment had stopped her from working for 8 months. She said even tho she wanted to promote sooner but the company would not let her.

The news was labeled that daisy would be taking a break due to her personal conditions and health. Daisy stated that ” even though I kept telling them i was able to promote now, they kept telling me No, we think it’s better if you rest”. She further told when she ask for the termination of her contract the agency told her that she would have to pay $942,866.65 USD as a penalty fee for breaching the contract.

Daisy also claimed that “Finding Momoland” was rigged. It was a survival program in which trainees competed with each other to become a member of the group. She said even tho she was eliminated she was contacted by the agency that they had already planned her to include in Momoland regardless of her elimination.

She further stated that ” the members were told to share in paying for the production cost of the show”. The accusations of the show being rigged were denied by MLD entertainment however they agreed that a contract was signed by the girl group for paying for the production cost and their parents also agreed.

MLD further stated in a statement that Daisy’s mother has threated the agency multiple times and that she has taken further malicious actions because the agency did not respond to her. They further stated legal actions will be taken against daisy and documents have been prepared to refute daisy’s claim.