BBC presenter Deborah James reveals 'She is now free from Bowel Cancer'

Deborah James the podcast presenter of BBC has recently revealed that her body is now free from cancer. In 2016, at the age of 35, she was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

The former deputy head, who presents the Radio 5 Live podcast ‘You, Me and the Big C’ said her most recent scans showed ‘no evidence of cancer in my body’.

Bowel, or colorectal, cancer affects the large bowel, which is made up of the colon and rectum. Such tumors usually develop from pre-cancerous growths, called polyps.

The mother of two now free from cancer. Her doctors have told her, she’s “rewriting the textbook.”

She shared this big news with her followers on Instagram. She wrote: ” Ok Cancer you chose the wrong girl. 3 Years on, 10 operations, too many scans, a lot of chemo, some fancy drugs, lots of tears.

I’m still standing and you (according to my most recent scans!) are still sleeping! In fact, we have cut you out, burnt you, used radiotherapy, used every tool in the book. And right now in fact according to my team, we are “rewriting the textbook!”, Deborah said.

She added: “It’s a bit bonkers (and I haven’t honestly processed this for a few reasons), but right now, I have no evidence of cancer in my body!!. Which seems bonkers considering at one stage I had 15 tumors. And the stats (8% survival at 5 years for metastatic Bowel Cancer) are against us. Yes, I’m beyond happy. Have I celebrated? No! (I should!) BUT I’m realistic.”

In 3 years she struggled with cancer. She had to undergo 10 operations. She bears too many scans, a lot of chemos, some fancy drugs, lots of tears but she was ‘still standing’.

James, who continues to live well, enjoying holidays abroad as well as a busy career as a broadcaster and campaigner, has been honest about her diagnosis. She often shared pictures during treatment and asking people to not ignore unusual symptoms.

Last summer in an interview she honestly talked about dying.