Actress Go Eun Ah reveals she was hit by baseball bat by her past agency

Go Eun Ah is a South Korean actress and the sister of Mir who was a former member of boy band MBLAQ. Mir recently made a video on his youtube channel in which his sister revealed that her past agency once hit her with a baseball bat as a form of punishment.

The actress told that she was 17 years old at that time and a rumor about her and her sunbae started going around. She told that one day she went to watch a movie after filming with one of her female stylists but her agency got misinformed about it.

She further told that someone told the agency that she went with a man and the agency sent the managers quickly to the theater, upon reaching the theaters the managers caught Go Eun Ah and went through her bag and cellphone.

Amidst this, the female stylist ran away and one of the employees who went through her cellphone hit her with a baseball bat that he had with him. He further told her to lay on the ground and hit her thigh with the bat.

She continued that she felt like her skull cracked and she passed out with her eyes open, the agency then called her mother and her mother kneeled in the office. The Ceo looked down on both of them because she couldn’t cry or apologize.

After the incident, the agency kept an eye on her and even checked the CCTV’s of her apartment weekly. She then clarified that the current agency is not like that and don’t put much pressure on her.