A woman threatened to rob Mcdonalds for not getting extra sauce

A Florida woman was arrested on New years day because she threatened to rob McDonald’s after she couldn’t get her extra dipping sauce for free.

The woman named Maguire Marie McLaughlin threatened to rob the Mcdonalds at the corner of the 20th street and 58th avenue in Vero beach.

As per the police reports, the 19-year-old Maguire after getting her food requested for an extra sauce. The Mcdonald’s employee told her that the extra dipping sauce would cost her 25 cents, at which an argument started.

Maguire stated in the argument that she will surely be getting the extra sauce by whatever means necessary. She was also allegedly using foul and abusive language towards the employees while yelling at them. She also stated that she would rob the establishment if she didn’t get an extra dipping sauce.

The woman was arrested for her disorderly conduct. The officers placed her into mechanical restraint because she was locking her legs, refusing to move forward. She was transported to Indian River County Jail for further processing.