On Sunday a woman’s body was found in New Jersey woods. The body has been identified as a woman who disappeared on a Halloween eve named Stephani Parze.

The body of the woman found in Middlesex was fairly decomposed. The area has been previously searched by volunteers to find the 25-year-old woman.

Stephanie was last seen with her mother and sister at a girls’ night out on the 30th of October. Her mother Sharlene Parze said that after she dropped her loves ones off she drive to her grandmother where she lived and the last thing they received from her was a snap driving home.

She is a nanny and the next morning she failed to show up at her babysitting job. This induced her parents to contact authorities.

Her mother told that she contacted her boyfriend Ozbligen to know whereabouts of her daughter and he said that he saw her last night, he stayed there and was getting ready for work this morning and has not heard from her since all day.

After a week or so her boyfriend Ozbligen was stated as a person of interest in her case. Ozbilgen was already under investigation because Stephanie filed a domestic abuse complaint against him.

While the authorities were investigating Stephanie’s disappearance, marks were noticed around Ozbilgen’s neck which made him a person of interest. 

In November Ozbilgen was arrested, he was charged with child pornography. He had 9 images of children being sexually abused. 

He was released from jail he committed suicide after 11 days. He hanged himself inside his parent’s garage. Before Stephanie went missing he sent her text the night before telling her that the relationship sucked because of her.