Young Girl allegedly abducted from Karachi’s DHA at gunpoint

A case was reported in the DHA area of Karachi’s district South where a young girl name Dua Mangi was abducted by four armed kidnappers at gunpoint. The girl was with her male friend and they were on their way to Bara Bukhari when suddenly four men appeared before them, shot the guy and abducted the girl.

The unfortunate incident took place at Bukhari Commercial, also known as Bara Bukhari in DHA within the boundaries of Darakhshan Police Station last night.

The male friend who was identified as Haris Somroo is in critical condition and he is admitted into the National Medical Center on Korangi road and then, later on, shifted to the Agha Khan Hospital.

Families of sufferers were notified about this tragic happening. Senior police officers and SSP also arrived at the crime scene for inquiry. Police said that they have only one eyewitness who is a Rickshaw driver in this case. Witness said that he hear the sound of bullet firing. Police recovered the CCTV footage in which the girl and her friend seen walking on the road late night. They are also struggling to get hold of the CCTV of the scene.

The wounded male friend of the girl recorded his statement in which he said that they are on their way to Bara Bukhari when this incident happened. He told the police that four armed men shot him and kidnap his friend & escaped from the scene.

FIR was registered in the name of the father of the boy’s who got a bullet in his chest. Boy’s father said that his son had gone out with his friend and he called himself that he was wounded.

“I was engaged in the conversation with my son, agitated and worried when someone took his phone from him and told him that he was severely injured and bleeding and they were taking him to a nearby hospital,” said Haris’s father.

Police said that the boy’s condition is not good. The bullet was pierced into his chest. Police also recorded the statement of both the victim’s family to find any proof related to the kidnapper.

This is not the first case in Karachi DHA. Previously same abduction case of a young girl occurred in the same way and she was freed after her parents gave a huge amount of ransom to the abductor.