WhatsApp account of Kashmiris expired for remaining inactive for 120 days

In Indian occupied Kashmir, lockdown continued for 120 days and now after remaining inactive for 120 days, Kashmiris are vanishing from Whatsapp.

This happened because there is no internet in occupied Kashmir and there is a complete communication lockdown in occupied Kashmir. Many people took to twitter and show concerns that the people from Kashmir in their contacts list started leaving all groups. Many users shared the screenshot of their friends or family members staying in Kashmir exiting WhatsApp groups.

Activist Shehla Rashid said: “WhatsApp accounts had been inactive due to no fault of the users.”

A Facebook representative verified that the deletion of WhatsApp accounts of the Kashmiris was certainly due to the aforementioned policy. “To maintain security and data limit retention, WhatsApp accounts which have been inactive for 120 days are deleted. When this happens, the account automatically exits WhatsApp groups they are part of,” the spokesperson said.”