The Unnao rape survivor set ablaze by 5 men and died of a cardiac attack. The victim was 90% burnt when she tried to survive by herself asking for help when she mentioned ‘save me I don’t want to die, those who have done this to me I want to see them die’. The 23-years old had been a victim of saving men who set her on fire.

She was on her way to court on a hearing for her rape case when the incident happened. The incident took place on Thursday and the victim died on Friday night. She was 90% burnt and was in critical condition, she was airlifted to a hospital in Delhi. She told the police that those five men include both men whom she was raped by, one had been missing and the other was released on bail last week.

The eye witness saw her running towards them asking for help the poor girl set on fire walked 1km asking for help the witness then called the emergency then she was taken to a nearby hospital but could not survive more.

Women of India are scared of stepping out of their homes these brutal incidents had been happening for a very long time. Just after the horrifying incident of veteran Priyanka Reddy rape and murder took place days ago.