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The suffering of Kashmiri women amid India’s Kashmir Lockdown

On August 5, 2019, the government of India has revoked the article 370 in IOK. The article allowed the state a particular amount of independence includes its own constitution, a separate flag and freedom to make laws.

After the revocation of article 370, the government of India deployed the troops in occupied Kashmir, cuts down the connection of Kashmiris with the rest of the world by cutting off communication lines.

It’s been 132 days since the IOK is under curfew. Kashmiris politicians were taken into custody. Everyone in Kashmir is being immensely subjugated. Military forces are involved in heinous acts.

Women are the biggest victim of the inhumane acts in Kashmir. Thousand of women in Kashmir suffers immensely due to the ongoing brutality.

Sisters have died saving their brothers, wives have died shielding their husbands and mothers have died longing for their missing sons.

Indian military forces are using rape as a weapon against women in Kashmir. Kashmiris women are in a state of despair they don’t know what happens in the next moment.

A woman name Fameeda, a half widow who suffers hysterical attacks as a consequence of post-traumatic stress disorder. She is suffering from this after her husband, Abdullah, was picked up by Border Security Forces.

Women in Kashmir are suffering from a number of physical and psychological problems because of the stressful environment. In the last 30 years around 12000 women were raped by Indian forces in Kashmir.

Kashmiri women are living in constant fear that their honor and dignity stripped off by Indian armed forces.

A woman name Sumaira Bilal has a 2-year-old daughter and her husband, Bilal was detained by Indian forces on the night of August 5. She and her daughter is still waiting for Bilal. Her daughter points to the window and often said: “Baba, Baba when are you coming back.”

Sumaira and her 2-year old daughter

A female journalist Masrat Zahra said that a policeman told her: “I will kick you with my boots and take you to the governor’s house.”

Kashmiri Photojournalist Masrat Zahra

A woman name Kulsuma Rameez’s wedding was scheduled during the lockdown. She was unable to go shopping for the wedding dress she dreamed of. Instead, she was married in a borrowed dress at a small ceremony attended by a few relatives and neighbors.

Newly married Kashmiri woman Kulsuma Rameez

A woman name Ateeqa Begum has lived alone and waiting for her son who was detained on his way back home after bringing medicines for her on the day of lockdown began. He is the sole breadwinner of the family. Her mother is still in the hope that he is alive and one day he will return.

These are the few stories of Kashmiris women who are suffering because of lockdown. Many more have the same stories but they have no one who helped them. Many women are unaware of their husband’s whereabouts.

Muslim Ummah, Humanitarian agencies and the world have turned their backs they are watching violence in Kashmir. The whole world is celebrating the Human rights day, but the irony is that Kashmiri’s in Indian occupied Kashmir are under lockdown for more than 132 days. The advocates of Human Rights are quite & the Indian govt is violating the basic human rights of Kashmiris in IOK.

Women of Kashmir are waiting for justice.

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