Tania Aidrus ask people to share their ‘ideas and input’ for Digital Pakistan

Former Google executive, Tania Aidrus, arrived in Pakistan a few days ago after 20 years to lead Pakistan Digital transformation initiative. She thanks everyone for their supports in the Digital Pakistan initiative.

Tania took to twitter and expressed her feelings and wrote: “Overwhelmed by the support & positive notes I have received so far by those wanting to help build #DigitalPakistan. We are heads down working for the next few months with all stakeholders.”

Tania Aidrus shared a tweet in which she requested people to contribute to Digital Pakistan. She requests people to share their ‘ideas and input’ on the five priorities of digital Pakistan on email.

Digital Pakistan’s five priorities are access and connectivity, digital infrastructure, e-government, digital skills & training, and innovation & entrepreneurship.

Tania Aidrus said that in the next few months her team trying to communicate with all the stakeholders and work with them.

PM Imran khan introduced this ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative on Thursday. His aim is to control corruption by digitizing everything and increased transparency.

He said that this initiative empowers our youth and it is very useful for our young generation.

Digital Pakistan‘s first priority is Access and Connectivity which addresses the issue of internet connectivity. It ensures that all Pakistanis must have access to the internet because it is the fundamental right of every Pakistani.

The second priority is the digital infrastructure. Digital infrastructure aim is to build a ‘ Pakistan stack’ that allows the government, businesses, and startups to utilize a digital infrastructure. This initiative solves Pakistan’s problems.

The third priority is e-government which ensures that all the intra-government processes move towards a paperless environment.

The fourth priority is digital skilling and training. Through digital training existing talent gains more skills. It moves up the value chain by rapidly imparting specialist and tech skills in the current generation and prepare them for the future digitalized economy.

Fifth and the most important priority of digital Pakistan is innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation & Entrepreneurship is a vital tool for the development of Pakistan’s wealth. It makes it easy for financiers to come up with new ideas and modernization to flourish the wealth of Pakistan.