Supreme Court of Pakistan Considering to Soon Appoint Female Judges

Recently Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, Chief Justice of Pakistan announced that the Supreme Court of Pakistan is looking to add female judges at court and provide women with the opportunity to give verdicts alongside men. At a session of the Women Judge’s Conference in Lahore, he praised the work of female judges and suggested to appoint a few in the Supreme Court.

He appreciated their ability to manage complicated cases with fair and honest rulings.

He further added that women are doing a fabulous job at district level courts as well as the High Court and are proving themselves day in and day out. He encouraged them to remain headstrong and determined in their cause.  

CJP Asif Khosa said that women have to fight hard to make a mark in a male-dominated profession and thus feel a greater responsibility to pass judgments fairly in accordance with the law. The courts in Pakistan have been fighting for women’s rights so that they can feel empowered and stand shoulder to shoulder with men in all walks of life.

He remarked that it is up to the judicial system of Pakistan to provide justice to its citizens who knock on our doorsteps. They place their utmost trust and confidence in us so we can aid them in the most accurate manner and do what is right so that law, order, peace, and prosperity can prevail in the country.