Student Solidarity March: PM Imran Khan and Police on a different page?

Police lodged FIR against the participants of student solidarity march for chanting slogans that were against the institution of the state. 300 people including Alamgir khan wazir and Iqbal Lala are nominated in the FIR report.

Sedition charges have been registered because the leaders allegedly encouraged students to enchant hateful slogan and speeches towards the state. the FIR read ‘ that these acts have been recorded by mobile phones and can also be checked through PPIC3 cameras.

Section 290, 291 of PPC, section 6 of the Punjab Sound System Act and section 16 of maintenance of public order was included in the FIR.

The university of Punjab stated that Alamgir Khan Wazir is not a student of their university. On 27th November students from all walks of life and many social and political activist gathered together and demanded the restorations of students Union in universities.

PM Imran Khan tweeted on Sunday that before the restoration of the Students Union a ‘ comprehensive an enforceable code’ of conduct was needed. he at first stated that the students of the universities need to be groomed and student unions play an important part in it but then he criticized that the student’s unions in Pakistan became a violent battleground and destroyed the intellectual atmosphere of the campus.

PM than continued that firstly we will establish a comprehensive and enforceable code of conduct so that we can restore and enable student unions so that they play their roles positively in grooming the youth as the future leaders of the country.