Recently after the gang rape and the brutal murder incident of Priyanka Reddy has created a storm in Hyderabad’s state. Women in India have come on roads to protest against the laws to provide justice to every woman raped and cruelly killed in the state. They are demanding public killing for the four men suspect for the murder of the Veteran Priyanka Reddy.

Almost seven years ago a Delhi student ‘Nirbhaya’ was raped and murdered by six men after which government changes the laws immensely ensuing the western objections. Seven years ago in 2013 Nirbhaya fund was established under the supervision of major governmental parties.

This fund was introduced to ensure the right and protection and take better initiatives enhancing the safety and security among all the states of India. But with time changes have been seen related to the fund. Many major states of India Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Tripura and Daman, and Diu have failed to use all the funds and resources and these states haven’t utilized even a single penny for the protection and devotions to the women rights.

The data was presented at Lok Sabha by Union Minister of Child and Women Development Smriti Irani. The Union Minister listed the data in reply to the questions raised by majors. The MPs had asked Union Minister Irani to list details of the funds authorized, allocated and utilized under the Nirbhaya Scheme by different states and Territories. The data stated, Delhi has spent only Rs 19.41 out of Rs 390.90 by the Centre in Nirbhaya Fund. The situation is disappointing in Uttar Pradesh too as the state has spent just Rs 3.93 crore out of Rs 119 crore.

Karnataka government is also lagging behind when it comes to utilizing Nirbhaya Fund for the safety fund as only 13.62 crores out of the total fund of 191.72 have been used by the state government for the safety of women. Telangana government has also failed to make proper use of Nirbhaya Fund as the state has utilized a paltry Rs 4.19 crore out of total allocated Rs 103 crore under Nirbhaya Fund.

While demand for more precautions is raised every time such an incident is reported, the dull response to utilize Nirbhaya Fund for the safety of women sends a message that the state governments are not serious in bringing change in the lives of women.