Home Technology Snapchat rolled out its new feature called Cameos

Snapchat rolled out its new feature called Cameos

Multimedia messaging app Snapchat introduces a new ‘deep-fake’ feature. This feature allows users to use their selfies to replace faces of people in videos and GIFs which they can share with their friends.

This new feature of Snapchat uses artificial intelligence to map the likeness of one person onto another. It is basically the feature that deep-fake people into the GIFs. These Cameos are basically the alternative to Bitmoji for quickly sending an emotion, reaction or silly situation in Snapchat messages.

Some French users experienced this feature on Snapchat. Snapchat confirms that they added this new cameo feature recently. The company said that this feature is in the testing phase that’s why it is not available to all users.

The company said in a statement: “Cameos aren’t ready to take the stage yet, but stay tuned for their global debut soon. The Cameos feature can be found in Chat right beside the stickers button. In the next few weeks as the feature launched user will have an option of selection of 150 Cameos to choose from, with more coming soon. Once the user pressed the Cameos button, take a selfie and pick a scene they like to use. According to Snap, if your friend has set up the feature too, they’ll be able to co-star in two-person Cameos.”

It is reported by Snapchat that this feature will be completely launched till 18 December.

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