Living a successful life isn’t that beautiful one has to face a lot of while walking through the dark pavement. Jacqueline Fernandez highlighted her feelings stating that ‘people are extremely ignorant to think that successful people haven’t faced anything bad or you can they haven’t seen the dark side of life.

They actually don’t know sometimes you are actually wearing a fake smile just to let others know that you are okay. We are all humans and it’s actually so hard to hide your feelings and emotions and pretend like you are laughing and smiling all the time sometime being rude isn’t a hard thing but putting that fake smile makes it harder for you.

We face good and bad, ups and downs we go through mood swings and people always made a wrong judgment about our lives. It takes a lot of struggle, strength, and efforts to become what we are today and the bitter reality that people don’t see things a lot of times and that is the saddest part that ‘wow people are so quick to judge’.

She has worked for some big hits like Kick, Judwa2, Housefull2, and many others she added that journey never goes easier regardless of success and failure. The weirder thing about success is you have to keep working on inventions and you have to keep upgrading your self throughout the journey.