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Randi Zuckerberg quoted Pakistan as the ‘Benevolent’ country

One of the greatest innovators, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Randi Zuckerberg quoted Pakistan as a benevolent country. Randi Zuckerberg is the spokesperson of Facebook also she is the founder and CEO of Zuckerberg media.

She was a part of the AdAsia 2019 conference which took place in Lahore, Pakistan. The final day of AdAsia belonged to Zuckerberg’s Sister. Randi at the conference confessed that Pakistan produces honourable women like Benazir Bhutto and Malala Yousafzai. She added Pakistan really honour its women.

At AdAsia she added that she was surprised to know that Pakistan supply soccer ball to the world when she stated that she likes cricket. She started her own story when she stated she had a passion for singing from her childhood but her parents wanted her to graduate from Harvard she even pointed out Mark that he could make it from Harvard(a college dropout).

She went to New York after her graduation to work for an advertising agency. One day she got a call from her brother when he said he wanted her help in the marketing and it was meant to do that for free and she was never ready for that. She came to Silicon Valley just for a week but instead, she stayed there for 10 years at Hukapan where they were locked to work harder enjoying cupcakes.
Here Hukapan is a complete abbreviation;
H: heavenly
U: Unique
K: Keen
A: Articulate
P: Pioneer
A: Adventure
N: Nobel
Talking about Facebook she said we were a team of only 12 members when we first started but now owns a lot more, a total of 102 offices and hundreds of employees. Our budget was zero but we worked for passion exploring daily.

She even quoted some funny inventions her team made at that time which was a flop absolutely. She launched Facebook live because of her passion which is now used by 2.5 million total people.

She said when you came up with an idea its not necessary that it might work people may not like it but even a potential innovation needs upgrades overtimes. She talked about her sons who command Siri to get things done for them when she became worried that they will command women when they will grow up but the second thought came to her that they might go to women for advice and information.

She is even concerned about the usage of smartphones, sticking right next to your smartphone, it will change nothing.

Randi Zuckerberg posted about the event on her instagram
Randi Zuckerberg enjoying her first trip to Lahore, Pakistan

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