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NUST student got a job at Fortune 500 company after winning a contest in Hungary

Misbah Hamid, a 20-year old final year student at NUST in Islamabad, will get a job opportunity at one of the world’s biggest oil and gas company, MOL Group. She gets this opportunity after winning a contest for female engineering students in Budapest.

Misbah also won over half a million rupees (€3,000) as prize money. She also got an opportunity of the trip to the Hungarian capital for training and development.

Almost 120 candidates participated in Women in Stem competition. Misbah was the one out of three who was shortlisted from Pakistan. The other two applicants were from Ghulam Ishaq University and Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

Misbah competes against the applicants from 29 different universities from 4 countries. Misbah said: “When I told my family that I had been shortlisted and would be traveling to Budapest, they were extremely proud and supportive. This was despite the fact that I hadn’t told anyone except my mother about the application and it would be my first international trip and that too alone. My father’s exact words were: ‘I know my daughter is going to win’.”

Misbah made a group with the three more contestants each from Hungary, Slovakia, and Croatia to work on a group assignment. Their task is to make a business plan for a new revenue stream for the MOL Group that employs 30,000 people across 30 countries.

Misbah said: “During the case study, I had to communicate with people from different cultures, which was a surprise. She said that during this task she also met with judges, who are previously the winner of this competition. They shared their experiences with me which was very helpful.”

Though, the participant had only one day to a visit yet they got the opportunity to visit the major monument of Hungary. During their field trip, they also experience the moments which are unforgettable. As Misbah said: “We lost in the capital and People kept asking whether I want to go to Buda or Pest, and I kept replying Budapest. It was only later that I found out that those are also the names of the two major districts in the capital.

In spite of all this, Misbah won the competition and become the first student from NUST and third from Pakistan to got this opportunity. Earlier two students of UET Lahore won this competition and they both are now working at the MOL group.

Misbah said that when she won the competition and informed her parents her mother started crying and her father appreciates her. She said: ” It meant more to me than anything else.”

Misbah will work as an electrical engineer at MOL’s oil and gas plant in Karak, KPK next year after her graduation.

There are also the chances that she will be invited as a judge next year for this competition in Hungary.

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