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#NoMarriage Movement: South Korean women pledge to never date or get married

There is a rapid increase in the number of south Korean women getting together, pledging never to date, get married or have children. These women are banding together to so that they can reject the rigid patriarchal norms.

Bonnie lee is one of the woman who is a part of no marriage, she doesn’t care about getting a boyfriend or having a fairytale wedding. Bonnie said that ” She is a straight woman and she is no longer interested in having any relation with men”.

Bonnie continued that ” she believes that a marriage consists of more disadvantages for women than advantages” and now she has embraced the four No’s, no marriage, no dating, no sex, no children.

Lee is 40 something years old and lives with her dog near Seoul, she has two master’s degrees. She states that for marriage woman have to forget their past life and in the marriage market past life and past working experience doesn’t matter.

She explains that sometimes being highly educated also becomes a minus point and for being a potential wife what really matters is that if a woman is capable of taking care of her husband and inlaws.

She saw some of her well-educated friends facing problems at home and hitting different barriers at work after having children. Such difficulties are a subject of “Kim Ji Young, born 1982” a controversial feminist novel that centers the life of a South Korean woman who quit her job and struggles to raise her child. The movie was rated 9.5 out of 10 by women and 2.8 out of 10 by men

The members of the 4B of 4 no’s movement say that it has at least 4000 followers even though there is no official data of this.

Escape the corset is a movement in which women are turning their backs to the expectations of South Korea’s male-dominated society, lee has also adopted some principle of this movement, that is against South Korea’s strict beauty standards.

After a male politician who claimed himself as a feminist was charged with raping a female aide lee said “I realize this society is a system I cannot accept as a woman and from than any encounter with men, be it marriage or dating, became meaningless to me”

Lee said that for her future is female and it is her dream to build housing for only women who never plan to marry

Yoon Ji-Hye is another south Korean woman, she is a 24-year-old youtube she says that south Korean women are often expected to be attractive, childlike and bubbly to be desirable

She too has fully embraced the escape the corset movement, chopping off her hair to using no makeup. She is also a member of the 4B movement. She recalls that she used to spend hours mastering makeup techniques and she used to spend dollars on makeup every month, she also recalls her ex-boyfriend liked her with long hair.

Yoon said she does not miss dating and explained that there are plenty of other ways to please yourself. She says one of the reasons she doesn’t want to be with nay men is that she is convinced most of them have watched spycam videos or revenge videos released by their other male partners.

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