Nayeon's stalker reacts to TWICE's comments about sasaeng fans
(Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)

On December 21, TWICE held a live session with fans in which the topic of sasaeng fans came up. TWICE responded in a smooth way about the sasaeng fan.

Nayeon answered that they appreciate the love of their fans but the method of sasaeng fan was not right. We did not approve this method of sasaeng fan.

Nayeon said: ” We’re thankful for them like us. It’s just a mistake, and we’re letting you know now. We dislike that method of liking us. Now that you know, you won’t make that mistake again.

A fan who recently stalked the Nayeon saw the live stream and later responded on Twitter. He said: ” She doesn’t even know my name. She only heard fake rumors about me and has no idea who I am. JYPE is trying to scare her away from me. How can I give her my gift? How can I tell her that I’m truly in love with her, and I don’t want to bother her at all? I want to make her happy.”

TWICE are now under the protection of the police. Their security is increased around their dorm and agency.