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Kendall Jenner plays Spill Your Guts with Harry Styles on The Late Late Show

On Tuesday night, Harry styles hosted The Late Late Show. Harry filled in for James Corden because he’s currently shooting for a movie. the guest on the show was none other than Harry’s rumored Ex Kendall Jenner.

Harry and Kendall took part in the Spill your guts game. Both the celebs asked each other personal questions. The celebs had the option to either answer the question truthfully or eat some crazy stuff that the other would choose. The dishes they had to choose from were bug trifle, Cod sperm, giant water scorpion, salmon smoothie, Bull Penis, jellyfish, Cow blood and pork tongue jelly and a thousand-year-old Eggnog.

Harry started by asking the first question and choose 1000-year-old Eggnog for Kendall. He asked her to rank her siblings Kim, Kylie, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob from best to worst parents?

Kendall sniffed the 1000-year-old eggnog and said “I feel like, I could answer this” to which Harry replied, ” I feel like I could answer it”. She started by saying that “all of them are amazing”. Kendall continued “Rob is number one he’s so good to his daughter”. She paused and said I mean they’re all so amazing to which harry asked her to drink the Eggnog.

She said ” no and then it would be Khole, Kim, Kylie, and Kourtney “. Kendal choose Cod sperm for harry and asked:” Which songs on his last albums were about her”.

Harry grabbed a fork and put a napkin on his shirt. He hesitated at first and said, ” So I’d say track umm “. He then grabbed the fork again to eat the cod sperm. Kendall said ” just don’t look at it”. to which harry’s reply was ” Oh yeah and that fixes everything. Just don’t look at it!”. He then ate the cod sperm after saying ” what are we doing?”

The game continued with harry choosing Salmon smoothie for Kendall. He then begins asking her ” you’re the highest-paid supermodel, Who is the most unlikeable supermodel?”. Kendal said “I have the answer, I can’t say it though ” and proceded to drink the salmon smoothie.

Kendall then asked harry if he ever watched an episode of “keeping up with Kardashians” and choose bug trifle for him. Harry was lucky enough to dodge the bug trifle. He answered: ” yeah it was the one where you’re eating salads in the kitchen and they were all shouting at each other”.

Harry proceded by choosing bull penis and asked: ” who is the most surprising celeb to slide into her DMs?”. Kendall answered “I feel like I can say it” but eventually she had to eat the bull penis.

Kendall choose the water scorpion for her last question and proceeded ” between Louis, Liam, Niall, and zayn rank their solos–” but before she could even finish her question Harry ate the scorpion and left everyone stunned.

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