Recently a case has surfaced in Sialkot in the village of Buttar where a mother shot the murderer of her son after seven years because justice was not served.

Seven years ago 21-year-old Taslim also known as kaka was allegedly murdered by Naghman and other fellows. Naghman who also is known as kudu was sentenced to death by a local court. Later in April 2019 Naghman was absolved by Lahore high court.

According to the police sources, Naghman came to his village after he was acquitted, Taslim’s mother killed naghman and escaped the place. a case has been registered against 5 people by police and the police are conducting raids to trace out and arrest the accused.

In Pakistan people are highly dissatisfied, justice is served at a high cost and that too after a long wait and delay and sometimes justice is not even served. The above incident wouldn’t have taken place if the legal justice system did their work properly, the mother whose son was murdered had no hopes from the system so she took action on her own.