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Jordanian model’s video mocking abaya got her in trouble

A man and woman have been ordered for arrest by the Saudi police after they appeared in a video that supposedly violated Islamic values and public morals.

The video soon went viral on social media, in the video, the man that was dressed up in traditional Saudi costume asked the woman sitting in the living room to remove her abaya.

The man told the woman in the video “The time of abaya is over and it’s time for entertainment” and then he proceeded to kiss her hand.

The woman appeared in the video is a Jordanian model according to a source. The video is shooted in Riyadh and the man who appeared in the video seems to be a Saudi citizen. Both the man and the woman are accused of breaching and mocking public morals.

Prince Faisal bin Khalid who is the governor of the northern region ordered the arrest for the man. a prosecutor official stated, “Prosecution keeps a close watch on whatever violates religious values and public morals, and constitutes a crime liable to legal punishment according to relevant codes and regulations”.

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