It has been a few days since the 26-year old Veteran Priyanka Reddy was brutally murder after being prey for a gang. They raped her and burnt her alive and threw her body near Shahdnagar town, India.

As the whole country is protesting against the violent attacks and murders of innocent women almost every day. As the whole incident related to Priyanka’s death and rape was pre-planned and the four men under custody stated they were drunk and they punctured the tires of the Vet’s Scotty intentionally.

Not only the common man is disturbed, frustrated after the young’s death but some Bollywood divas and Celebrities are even showing their sympathy for Priyanka’s family and they want the government to take positive actions against rape and murder cases so no other women are unsafe in the future.

Leading Actor and Politician Jaya Bachchan spoke about the same incident where she lashed out her feelings for the victim and her family. She was frustrated and exposed her anger towards the brutality of those who actually let this thing happen. She stated the government should take positive steps towards such crimes and she demanded immediate justice.

She angrily stated that the accused should be named and shamed. Else she asked the government about all the initiatives the government took to prevent such incidents. Not just Jaya but the whole Bollywood community is disturbed and wants justice for Priyanka Reddy and for every other girl being brutally raped and killed. Salman Khan seemed really pissed off when he tweets about the incident.