Times have drastically changed which is evident from the fast-paced growth and advancement in technology. New media sources are enhancing and enlarging day by day making it possible for movements and championing such movements to become part of our daily lives becoming a voice for the minority and less heard groups of the society.

Journalist Sabahat Zakariya got together with some incredibly talented personalities from multiple circles of life to discuss the expansion of feminism into digital space. Some of the ladies present at “The Women of the World Conference” included model turned actress Eman Suleman, advocate Nighat Dad and a researcher by profession Sadaf Khan.

The discussion was opened by Miss Zakariya where she highlighted the fact that various platforms have motivated women to courageously share their stories whether they are about domestic violence, physical abuse or workplace sexual harassment.

Women are coming together to support and lean one another and have found a secure safe haven where they can speak out loud without any worry or threat to their well being.

The panel added that digital space has evolved with the passage of time and has allowed women to communicate and trust in each other giving them the confidence to come out of their shells and be heard by the masses.

Many successful marches are not only happening on the streets but also online. Women have stepped up their game and have made immense contributions but there is always room for more to be done and the key idea should be to keep on improving and growing so that the nation can prosper and women can be proud of their accomplishments.