Is Asif Raza Mir Hina Bayat's first love?

Legendary actress Hina Bayat recently appeared in Samina Peerzada show ‘Rewind with Samina’. She talked about her journey of life and how she joined showbiz.

When Samina asked her about her first love she replied: “My first love culminated into marriage.”

Hina revealed that she had a crush on Jackie Shroff after his film Hero. The actress mentioned that she also had a crush on one of the Pakistani star.

Hina said: ” I had a crush on Asif Raza Mir too at one point in time. I even shared it with him. He asked if I still did, and I said no, it’s long gone. It was a different time.”

Hina and Asif Raza Mir were last seen in the drama serial Begangi in 2017.