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Hareem Shah claims ‘she was touched inappropriately in an event’

TickTock star Hareem Shah recently revealed that she was harassed in a public event. Hareem Shah became popular after the controversy that sparked when she filmed a TickTock video in a Foreign Ministry office. Hareem was always in the spotlight because of her viral videos.

Recently, she shared a video on Twitter in which she said: “Attended an event where hundreds of my fans mobbed me. One of them touched me inappropriately.” She said what kind of shameless people are there in the world.

The video shows that Hareem was in a gathering where a man suddenly approached her and touched her arm inappropriately and Hareem removed her hand and move forward.

Hareem Shah recently gained more popularity after a viral video shared by someone claiming to be Hareem on Twitter. The video showed that the cricketer Shaheen Afridi was doing something inappropriate in a video call. But later on, Hareem clarifies that she only has a TickTock account and the Twitter account was fake.

Twitter account of Hareem which recently posted the video of Harassment raised many questions because previously Hareem herself said in a video that she only has a TickTock account. She has no Twitter or Instagram account.

If we talk about the laws against Harassment, the punishment that law has prescribed is that a sexual harasser can be punished with imprisonment, which may extend to 3 years. It also includes a fine up to PKR 500,000, or both.

Law states that:” Insulting the modesty of women or whether through gestures or words, is a crime.”

Netizen criticizes her for this new video shared by Hareem. Some said that she shared this for publicity.

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