Guest steal bride's bouquet from a woman who caught it during the bouquet toss

An unnamed woman caused a stir with her strange behavior at the wedding reception. The bride was in shock when a woman stole the bouquet from another woman.

A video showed a wedding guest’s move during a wedding bouquet toss, where she snatched the flowers from the woman who caught them without hesitating.

The woman was criticized by viewers who named her ‘trashy’ and ‘obnoxious’.

One of the viewers said: “That’s so obnoxious. Reminds me of when I was a kid and I caught the bouquet and a 30-year-old woman elbowed me in the face and snatched it away from me. Some people need to get a grip.”

A video shows a bride throwing the bouquet as part of the traditional bouquet toss. The video shows a woman in a black dress caught the bouquet but a woman in pink snatched them from her hand.

This incident left everyone in shock including the bride.