Home Entertainment Gazini Ganados gave a stunning performance at preliminaries of Miss Universe 2019

Gazini Ganados gave a stunning performance at preliminaries of Miss Universe 2019

The Miss Universe 2019 preliminary competition took place at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, Georgia, the USA on Saturday, December 7.

Filipino model Gazini Ganados introduced herself and a large number of audiences welcomed her with shouts. She was donning a bright pink satin dress with a crisscross collar neckline by Sherri Hill at the start of the competition.

The second round which is a swimsuit round 23-year old model shows her โ€˜the phoenix walk.โ€™

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In the evening round of competition, a model dressed in a beautiful golden gown made by Filipino designer Cary Santiago.

The designer also posted a picture of the gown on his Facebook page and wrote: โ€œFor the evening gowns, I made several for her but we are down to two that will be used both for prelims and for pageant night. It is fabric manipulation sans the glitter. The silhouette showcases her figure which makes it even more beautiful.”

Only 20 candidates were chosen for the semi-final round of Miss Universe competition. 19 out of 20 candidates will be chosen for the preliminary scores and the 20th candidate will be selected through online voting.

Ganados is competing for a back-to-back win to achieve Miss Universe Catriona Gray and secure the Philippines’ fifth Miss Universe crown.

Miss Universe 2019 airs on Dec. 9 at 8 a.m. on ABS-CBN.

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