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FIA confirms Fatima Sohail is not in the leaked video

The famous TV personality and the Ex-wife of Actor Mohsin Abbas Haider, Fatima Sohail, recently faced a lot of criticism over the video circulating on Social media.

Fatima filed a complaint with FIA and requested them to remove the video. FIA declared a statement in which they said: ” Ms. Fatima Sohail is a known TV anchor and media personality. On the 4th of Dec, 2019, a sexually explicit content (video) imitating to be Ms. Fatima Sohail was found floating on social media including Twitter, Youtube, and Whatsapp.”

FIA declared that Fatima is a noble and responsible citizen and these types of fake videos harmed the reputation of media personalities.

The FIA asked the PTA to remove the “unlawful online content” under section 37 of PECA-2016.

Fatima confirmed through her Instagram story that the video was fake.

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