Facebook can help to solve the Malnutrition crisis, Sania Nishtar says

Dr. Sania Nishtar, a special assistant to PM on Poverty Alleviation addressed the inauguration ceremony of a digital campaign, ‘Hackathon on Malnutrition’. She said: “Digital marketing tool on social media is crucial to fight malnutrition in the 21st century.

The poverty alleviation division and social safety division in collaboration with Facebook & Invest2Innovate has launched the ‘Hackathon at malnutrition’ at NIC in Islamabad.

Sania said: “Facebook could be a powerful tool in overcoming the challenge of malnutrition. It is a tool that delivers the message on stunting, obesity and various other chronic diseases across the world. “

She said that “we are not paying a single penny to Facebook for these types of digital campaigns. We have a long journey to go ahead”. Million of children in Pakistan are suffering from different diseases especially malnutrition and it is the main priority of the Ehsas Poverty Alleviation Program, Sania added.

Experts in malnutrition and digital marketers are connected through Hackathon. They gain additional help from Facebook in the building of innovative digital campaigns which is helpful in the awareness of how to combat the challenges of malnutrition.