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Dua Mangi case: Police got the clue of abductors car

20-year-old Dua Mangi was kidnapped from Karachi DHA when she was with her friend Haris Somroo. Kidnaper shot the boy and abducted the girl at gunpoint. Police have made progress in Dua’s kidnapping case.

It was reported that the abductors used the car which was stolen from P.E.C.H.S last week. The Inspector Aurangzeb Khan Khattak, SHO of Ferozabad Police Station said that the car was stolen from a man name Danial Javed at gunpoint in the city’s P.E.C.H.S. Block 2 was alleged to have been used by Dua Nisar Mangi’s abductors, who captured her in public in Bukhari Commercial, alternatively known as Bara Bukhari, in DHA Phase 6.

As per the sources, four-armed men stole the car from Danial Javed at gunpoint and FIR of this robbery was also lodged in the Ferozabad police station.

Police said that the car which was stolen last week was the same as the car in which abductors took the girl and the car was seen in the CCTV footage which clearly shows that was the stolen car.

Furthermore, police also consider this case from the angle of the ransom and they are also investigating the guy who threatened Dua when she was in the US to marry him and blackmailed her with her pictures.

Police also recovered the Dua’s phone which she dropped during the kidnapping. Police got the data and tried to find out more clues in this case.

At least 22 people including Dua’s family, waiters of a tea shop in which she visited with her friend and guards present at the scene recorded their statement.

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