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Dispatch unveiled scary details behind Red Velvet Wendy’s accident

Dispatch has met with the staff who were present at the scene when Wendy fell from the stage during rehearsal. Dispatch talked about the details about the incident.

One of the witnesses said: “Wendy conducted her first rehearsal at 11:00 am on the 25th on the main stage for her Aladdin OST “Speechless” sound test. The sound test went smoothly. The accident happened later during further rehearsals.”

“Wendy climbed the second-floor tunnel and prepared to walk down the stairs as prepared but the lift didn’t go up. At that moment, she lost her balance and fell 2.5 meters down to the stage in a defenseless state.

“The two-story tunnel was dark and cramped. The stairlift wasn’t ready when Wendy was rehearsing. We could’ve prevented the accident by just having marking tape at that location,” he added.

After the accident, everyone was in shock and immediately transferred her to the hospital. Red Velvet members were in shock after the wendy’s injury.

Wendy injured her pelvis, face, and wrist. She also got multiple injuries on her face. She now focuses on her recovery. It is expected that she will take a month to recover.

In the meantime, Red Velvet will perform without Wendy on future promotions. Leader Irene will be MC at KBS 2TV’s ‘Daekchuje’ on the 27th and Joy and Yeri will perform a unit stage on MBC’s ‘Gayo Daejun.

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