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Attock AC Jannat Hussain got in trouble for mentioning Ahmadis in her speech

Jannat Hussain Nekokara, Attock Assistant Commissioner was compelled to apologize for mentioning Ahmadis while speaking at an event where she called for unity among all Pakistanis. She is compelled to explain her statement before a group of extremists.

While speaking at an event of International humans rights in Attock, she mentioned that we should grant equal rights to all minorities regardless of their religious views.

In an event, AC said: “We should give due rights to non-Muslims Pakistanis, we should give them their due respect, we have unfortunately gotten stuck in these religious divisions, someone identifies as Shia, someone as Sunni, someone as an Ahmadi, someone as a Wahabi, we should end these differences and instead identify ourselves only as Muslims and Pakistanis.”

After this many protestors mostly the students arrived at the district administration building and asked the assistant commissioner to answer why she mentioned the grouping of Ahmadis with other Muslims.

AC Jannat clarifies her statement. She said that she doesn’t mean that Ahmadis are Muslims and further said that she accepts the constitution which declares them non-Muslims.

Jannat said: “I talked about minority rights, I spoke about rights of non-Muslim Pakistanis, maybe I should have not even mentioned the word Ahmadi in that, then I spoke about how we should stay united and not discriminate against anyone so that we can protect against external enemies. Ahmadis are non-Muslim according to the constitution and non-Muslim in my view as well.”

Jannat said in her speech that she talked about the issues in Kashmir, spoke about the women’s rights and she only mentioned the word Ahmadis in her speech. Jannat mentioned them because she wanted to say that we should give equal rights to all non-muslims in Pakistan so that we face the international forces and avoid issues. AC added that her son’s name is also Muhammad. AC knows that Ahmadis are non-muslim.

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