Arizona woman allegedly lit boyfriend on fire for not celebrating her new job

On Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019, Kathy Elizabeth was arrested by authorities in Arizona. Kathy is accused of setting her boyfriend on fire because he failed to celebrate the new job that she got at a subway restaurant.

The couple lived together in Avondale in Arizona, Kathy was arrested so that she could face charges of aggravated assault and criminal damage.

The police stated that Kathy first sprayed lighter fluid on her boyfriend and then lit matches and threw at him. Kathy told the police that she was drunk and before the incident occurred she had two strong drinks with rum in them.

Kathy’s boyfriend Jason Davis told that during the incident he wasn’t harmed and he locked his girlfriend outside the house and waited for the police to arrive. He further told that while she was locked outside she slammed the front door of the house so hard that it got damaged.

In the police report, the official stated that Kathy agreed that she was mad at her boyfriend for not celebrating but she didn’t remember anything about that evening other than that.

Kathy’s son Cody stated that ” my mother is not an aggressive person and she has never done anything like this. He further stated, ” this is the first thing I’ve heard of my mom doing something so extreme”.

Kathy jones bail has been set $15000 by a judge and she is also expected to appear in court for a status conference.