Woman assaulted by her in-laws for refusing to sell drugs

A 70-year-old woman named Aamna Bibi from okara was brutally beaten by sticks and buttstocks of riffles in the middle of the night. The video of her being beaten up is shared by a twitter user. The user asked the police to take notice of her situation.

Aamna requested for an FIR for justice. She stated in the FIR that her two sons and her daughter Zaineb Bibi were allegedly killed by accused Ajmal and others. She also stated that the accused cut off the legs of her husband with an ax.

The court in Renala, Khurd sentenced the murderers of her sons and daughter to death. Two of the accused that are Ajmal and Waheed were bailed.

However, due to this grief on 6th Dec at 10:00 p.m Muhammad Akram, Javeed Naseem, Ajmal, Waheed, Muhammad Nasarullah, Muhammad Abdullah with others entered her house.

Aamna Bibi further stated that all the people either had sticks, guns or some other illegal weapon. The accused Muhammad Akram shouted after entering the house to capture Aamna. He ordered the rest to kidnap her and murder her for not settling the murder case. He also said that let’s seize her property.

She stated that in addition to this when they tried kidnapping her and she resisted because of that accused Muhammad Akram and the rest started brutally beating her with sticks and buttstocks. Even after she screamed the accused kept beating her. Her daughter Nusrat Bibi and her grandson Rizwan were also beaten along with her.

However, after beating them the accused kidnapped Aamna, her daughter and her grandson and took her to an unknown place. Aamna and her daughter were locked in a room with a ferocious dog in it.

She told that the accused released her daughter and her but her grandson Rizwan is still remains unknown. She said that the accused also terrorized her that if she took any action against them then he will viral her harassment videos on social media.

Aamna demanded justice from the police. She pledged the police to punish the accused for his crimes, she said that this was not the first time she was targetted.

Punjab police official replied to the video of the woman saying that the police has taken notice of the situation. They said a case is filed and police are investigating it.

They said that the team is working on this case and will soon capture the accused. An FIR has been lodged against the accused.

Chief Minister Punjab took notice of the situation. CM Usman Buzdar asked the Sahiwal Regional police officer to submit a report on the issue.