A woman is taken into custody for forcing emergency plane landing

On Friday, the police took a woman from Florida into custody because the woman apparently faked medical issues and forced a plan to make an emergency diversion. The woman’s name has not been released.

The American Airlines flight was from Pensacola international airport to Miami. During the flight, the woman claimed to be suffering from an unspecified medical episode. She told the flight attendants that she was having trouble breathing, forcing the pilots to turn the plane back to Pensacola.

The flight came back to Pensacola within an hour of its takeoff at 6:26 am, all the passengers deplaned normally and the flight took off again at 7:41 am.

The Police was called by the flight’s attendants shortly after the woman admitted that she faked her medical issue to get a bigger seat. At first, the woman refused to get off the plane and demanded a full evacuation of other passengers but the pilot and the police officers were able to convince the woman to get off the plane.

The woman was transported to the mental health facility under the baker’s act due to her comments, the baker act is a Florida law that allows the police to detain people with mental illness.

Mike wood the information officer of the police department stated that the woman has been taken into custody due to some of the exchanges she made with the police and the flight’s crew. He further stated that woman has not yet been charged with criminal charged but they can also be filed against her.