A woman cop arrests a wanted dacoit by proposing him

A woman police officer named Madhavi Agnihotri arrested a wanted robber by proposing him for marriage in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India.

Balkrishna Chaubey and his band have been robbing the villagers of Chhatarpur Khajuraho for the past few years, the police made several attempts into catching them but despite them, they would run to Uttar Pradesh after committing the crime.

balkrishna has been hidden for several months and while in the hiding he sent out messages to his band members to look for a bride for him.

Madhavi is the subinspector in charge of Garholi chowki of Chhatarpur Naugaon block, she was assigned the task to capture balkrishna. Madhavi came up with a brilliant idea to trap the wanted criminal.

Madhavi sent her old pictures along with the marriage proposal to the criminals through informers. After a few written exchanges, balkrishna agreed to meet her in a UP village

Shortly after balkrishna arrived, Madhavi signaled her team to capture him. he was taken into custody before he could reach his pistol, later he was sent to jail because of charges of robbery and murder on him.