On Wednesday a baby was discovered from the trash can by a local woman in kalamata, Greek.

The baby is thought to be a few days old after the woman heard crying from the trash can, the woman told that the trash can was half full, she shouted for help but nobody stopped.

She further told that the baby was found inside a paper bag, he was laying at the end of the trash can.

According to her some of the people living close by tried alleviating her concern that the cries she is hearing must be from a kitten.

The baby was saved because the trash collection van was late. The mayor of kalamata, Thanassis Vasilopoulos said “The baby was fortunate in its misfortune… There was a delay in the day’s collection”

He further added, “The garbage truck does not just load waste, they compress it”.

Two police officials arrived at the scene later and rescued the baby. The baby was taken to a hospital and is expected to recover soon.

The baby’s mother was suspected by the police and the police later arrested her for attempted murder. The mother of the child is reportedly a Georgian national.