A Lucky girl received a gift from Exo Baekhyun

The k-pop boyband group Exo released their New hit album ‘Obsession’ on 27th November and they were pre-recording “Exo the stage”. Exo the stage is a premier event for the title song “Obsession”, the content from the event was shared on Vlive.

During the pre-recording of the event “Exo the stage” many Exo-ls interacted with the members and shared their memorable experience, they had a lot of fun with the Exo members.

One fan shared her experience that she was lucky enough to get the chain Baekhyun wore as a gift. The chain she was gifted was the one Exo Baekhyun wore during the Music video of “Obsession”

She posted the picture of the chain on Twitter and captioned it as “I’ve received Baekhyun’s face chain”. She was congratulated by many fans and many thought that she must have done something nice in her past life like save a country or so to be this lucky.

The story doesn’t end here, the lucky girl already received the chain as a gift but she was luckier than just that, Exo Baekhyun when recognized her he replied to her tweet saying ” So it’s you! kekekekekekekeke Don’t throw it away!”