Lahore: Like all other countries violence against women is increasing over time in Pakistan. Women are attacked daily as the cases of rapes, acid attacks and murdered in the name of honour and the ratio of these violence’s have increased for the past five years. According to a rough report over 15,000 violence cases have been reported over the past few years.

From 2014 to 2019 the rate of rape and murders have increased to 3,387. Adding more, a total of 149 women were murder in the name of honour and 36 acid attack incidents were recorded for the year 2019.

Abdullah Malik Pakistan’s social activist quoted the reason for such activities ‘Lack of Education’ and the backward behaviour of men towards women. He further added ‘we should educate our children to respect everyone around them, educate them so in the future they should stop and take actions about violence and murders, we should educate our children so that they can never be a part of such society where violence and murder is common and appreciated in the name of honour.

He added when such incident occur the victim must not delay the complain and register FIR so that the Government should take further actions and protect the victim rights against such violence. Mr Abdullah further added that Annual Investigation Report from police should be reviewed by the law and the law must come up with the system which should prevent these incidents against women violence.

SSP Zeeshan Asghar further added for such activities police is showing their best to provide justice to affected women and 70% of acid attack incidents and murder incidents are resolved and police use all its resources from finger-print to geo-fencing to investigate the crime. Further actions will be taken to investigate the future cases still women violence is alarming for the whole nation.