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Women raise voices over the prohibition of spectacles at work in Japan

Certain companies in Japan restrain women specifically from putting on glasses at work. Multiple working ladies from various sectors told that they weren’t allowed by the employers to have glasses.

Besides the exclusion of this specific need, the employers also impose certain other strict rules over the women like wearing Make-up is obligatory, putting on weight beyond a certain limit is not permitted, and making high heels a part of their daily outlook have become a major issue for women over the time.

A receptionist has been told the same that she wasn’t allowed to have a spectacle on her eyes because of the nature of her job, while a man doing the same job was permitted to do so.

At a clinic, a nurse is heard telling she cannot wear anything to cure her aching dried out eyes because it isn’t a part of her job. A local airline has the same rules for female hostesses, the reason being the safety concerns. Certain restaurants say that the glasses do not look fine with their staff’s dressing.

This news has been taken to social media for a few days by the other employed women in Japan who found this so troublesome that how women in their country are being treated at work. The #glassesareforbidden trend is spreading on social media.

Women are of the point of view that with glasses women still look approachable and feminine. so they are tweeting against it. One user sarcastically posted her picture saying she doesn’t look feminine and she looks cold

Previously the women in Japan also raised voices under the #KuToo Movement, specifically on the issue of forced compulsion to wearing high heels at the workplace.

This movement had been sparked by a working lady Yumi Ishikawa, who suffered extreme pain because of the regular use of heels. The lady now says that if glasses are such a big hurdle between the person and her work, it should also be banned for men also. Why is it a compulsion for females only?

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